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a pocketknife with a blade that springs open at the press of a button

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The Army is the executive agent for munitions in the "lethal miniature aerial missile" category and procures the Switchblade for the other services.
SwitchBlade merges AoIP logic control with SIP connectivity and codec bandwidth optimization, allowing for the transport of high-quality programming and the control logic critical for full studio operation between sites.
Switchblade is available in 17 colors of recycled PET felt and three design styles: Classic, Organic and Geometric.
The Switchblade is a three wheel, street legal vehicle that can be driven from a garage to a nearby local airport.
They caught up with Fazeli and searched him, finding the switchblade, which is illegal in California.
Designed like an ordinary backpack, the Switchblade provides the wearer with protection for the back, and a ripcord releases a protective bulletproof vest to slide over the wearer's head for frontal protectiThe bag, which is made of Twaron ballistic material, weighs between 5.7 pounds (2.6 kg.) without hard plates (level 3A protection, to stop traditional pistol rounds and a .357 Magnum) and 11.2 pounds (5.1 kg.) with the ballistic plates (level 3, to stop six .308 rifle bullets).
As Switchblade Manila lists in its Facebook page, the other bands its members like are Led Zepellln, Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Velvet Revolver, Guns 'N' Roses, and Skidrow.
Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) will repeal the Federal Switchblade Act of 1958, allowing consumers to purchase any automatic knife legal in their state, regardless of where it was manufactured.
It will be offered in Red Carmine, Black Gold Black, Orange Burning, Switchblade Silver, Graphite Grey and White Summit exterior colours.
In a subsequent search, an 8.5-centimetre switchblade was found on the Azeri's person.
There were new entries for ZZ Top with Sharp Dressed Man, Strawberry Switchblade with Since Yesterday, and Black Lace with Agadoo.
A fierce Colombian bodyguard who carries a switchblade in her boot, she protects a blackmarket kingpin named Victor Pagnolli.
He was banged up so badly in the back of a police van, in the process of being transported to jail for allegedly possessing an illegal switchblade, that his spine was injured.
Hydra-Flex also expanded its Switchblade line of hydro-excavation nozzles, adding new options for additional product configurability.
Diamond said he pulled the blade in self-defence but prosecutor Adam Gerol said it was just "pushing and shoving" before he drew the switchblade.