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cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch

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With the use of this mobile phone application, a person who is sitting in a room at his home may switch off the lights of other room, kitchen or corridors.
In case a person is out of home and feels that he has forgotten to switch off the lights of his room, he can do this work with the same application.
The government could only request the citizens to switch off their lights for 60 minutes, said Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Climate Change Romina Khurshid Alam.
Local officials were urged to support the Earth Hour 2018 initiative by mobilizing their constituents to switch off their lights tomorrow to express their support for Mother Earth.
On Saturday, March 24, Bratislava will switch off its landmarks from 20:30 until 21:30.
The council said the switch off was denying Kenyans their right to information as enshrined in the constitution.
Summary: Switch off your smart phones and switch on your senses
MAURICIO POCHETTINO has confessed he is a 24/7 boss, who drives his wife crazy because he can't switch off from football.
'Switch off the lights for an hour at exactly 8:30 p.m.
Norway is going ahead with its controversial decision to switch off its FM radio network next week, making it the first country to go digital.
We're hoping people will film their pledge and post the video on social media so we'll be able to see the lights switch off right across the region."
THE decision to switch off traffic light cameras to save cash has resulted in a virtual carte blanche for danger drivers - with an alarming 80 per cent reduction in motorists prosecuted for jumping the lights.
A family event was organised by ESO on March 19 at Muscat Hills Golf & Country Club before everyone went home to switch off their lights.
Will you switch off the lights at 8:30 pm on Saturday to mark Earth Hour, I asked.
These lights switch on at normal times at dusk but switch off around midnight, they then switch back on around 5am and remain on until dawn.