switch engine

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a locomotive for switching rolling stock in a railroad yard

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A suspect broke the glass, another suspect reprogrammed the switch engine, a third suspect started the car, while a fourth transported the stolen vehicle on a tow truck.
The company demonstrated its "Green Goat," a hybrid switch engine that uses microturbines and batteries, as well as its four liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered locomotives.
EPA estimates are that the average switch engine operates at idle for almost 60% of the time and Forsberg indicated that number compares reasonably well to what BNSF experiences.
The DES-3326 switch engine integrates MACs, switching, routing and quality of service logic for all ports.
The switch adapter complements IBM's Prizma switch fabric device, relieving the switch engine of the burden of identifying and prioritizing packet streams, and matching them against policy profiles.
JAVIER MASCHERANO barely batted an eyelid when he was asked to switch engine room for flank in the heat of a Merseyside derby.
"This is a Porter saddle-tank engine manufactured in 1942 for Bethlehem Steel, where it was used as a switch engine," explains Engineer John Barden during a trial run one morning.