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Synonyms for swirl

Synonyms for swirl

to move or cause to move like a rapid rotary current of liquid


to rotate rapidly

to have the sensation of turning in circles

Synonyms for swirl

the shape of something rotating rapidly

turn in a twisting or spinning motion

flow in a circular current, of liquids

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The axial swirler is adopted inside a burner and varied with different swirl vane angles.
Swirl Whirl Yogurt Buffet is an interactive experience, with customers creating their own frozen dessert concoctions from over 20 yogurt flavors (containing the benefit of probiotics) and 60 toppings.
To counter that possibility, she explained that CO-OP is sending materials that will allow CO-OP Shared Branch to share space side by side with the swirl for a number of months until the swirl is gradually retired.
They find that the swirling of the flow elevates heat transfer in the channels, and two distinct regions can be identified in the friction factor and Nusselt number plots, namely, a no-swirl and a swirl region.
In addition to swirl flow, we also examine the effects of adding a shield enclosing the burner on improving thermal efficiency and reducing CO emission.
The analysis was accomplished with different inlet swirling intensity (0[degrees], 10[degrees], 15[degrees], 20[degrees] and 25[degrees]) to visualize the effect of swirl on the performance of annular diffuser in terms of pressure recovery.
Iced Mocha Swirl Dunkalatte is an icy delight that is made with rich delicious cocoa in a genuine espresso base and finished with a mocha drizzle over whipped cream.
The re-entrant chamber without central projection and with sharp edges provides higher swirl number than all other chambers.
SWIRL, a literacy reengagement program, has been running in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory for the past 13 years.
SWIRL air nozzles from Delavan will help users in chemical and process industries maintain process continuity, increase plant productivity, quality, product yields and meet stringent environmental standards.
Sick Christopher Neil tried to obscure his face with a swirl before putting the pictures on the net.
LADY MARLBORO (Jimmy Jerkens) and Sugar Swirl (Brian Lynch) top the eight-horse field.