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In black-and-white and with characters dressed in pina cloth, they show how the country suffered under the machinations of colonial swinishness, recounting the missteps that the still-suffering nation is unable to recover from.
His "Third Revolution" will be characterized by "gentlemen" who "know each other as gentlemen used to know each other" and live by "a stern code, a gentleness toward women and an intolerance of swinishness" (157).
The equal idiocy of all totalitarianism, the swinishness of Communism or Nazism and the deadliness of conformity to an accepted form of sterility, are unmasked to no point" (11).
Though he stands politically for policies that reduce people to swinishness and though he has wallowed in political corruption for many years, he comes across as disciplined or even ascetic in his habits.
Writing in 1959 of Ellison's Invisible Man, Baraka suggested that, while the book superficially addressed a "Negro theme," it was actually more concerned with the "horrifying portrait of a man faced with the loss of his identity through the weird swinishness of American society." Blues People, a racially inflected modern American jeremiad, abounds in references to "vague, featureless Americans," "the sinister vapidity of American culture," and the "shoddy cornucopia of popular American culture." In an echoing of Mailer's "The White Negro"--but without that essay's stereotyped equation of black culture with lack of inhibition and sexual prowess--Baraka insisted in Blues People that "Negroness ...