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Synonyms for swingy

characterized by a buoyant rhythm

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John Culberson in the suddenly swingy 7th District.
His swingy emerald fringed dress and the fully beaded vinta-inspired national costume helped the Filipina clinch a spot in the top six.
High-profile power women--Naomi Campbell, Carine Roitfeld, and Michelle Obama number among the devoted--have been wearing his figure-flattering, clingy, swingy knit dresses and goddess gowns since 1979.
NB: For more info on Elnett, visit www.loreal-paris.co.uk PONY CUFFS A swingy pony is a shortcut to chic (especially when hair is overdue a shampoo), and a clip-on cuffadds extra polish.
(44) Moreover, the brochure visioned, 'For many, a game on the Banff Springs Golf Course is the climax of their visit, and the experience of a lifetime.' A two-page spread containing pictures of wildlife as well as of the dance floor at the Banff Springs hotel, described Banff National Park as a place 'where wild life wanders undisturbed', yet the visitor could also 'Dance--to a swingy orchestra ...
"The Hula Hoopin' Queen" is a bouncy, swingy, swish, swiggle, swish, rainbow ride of a read, and children of all ages, but especially girls of African American descent will love it.
They're easily compatible with the new skirts that hit between the knee and the ankle, with skirts with asymmetrical hems, and with those swingy knife-pleat skirts that everyone from Proenza Schouler to Zara offered up for spring.
The top is aggressive and speeds are so high and the turns are so swingy and bumpy that you can hook an edge anywhere."
Ample opportunities for working on unison and octave playing are provided, and a variety of rhythms and meters (including a swingy Time for Five).
She can do jazzy, swingy pop too, as This is a True Heart proves impeccably.
Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Divine Polish, PS12.75 The result is like a salon Brazilian blow-dry - smooth, glossy, swingy and light.
SwingBox takes you on a swingy, bumpy and colorful rhythmic trip.
Belting out of the soundsystem at the Nags Head in Lazenby tomorrow will be a combination of "swingy folk with a touch of bass".
Color accents and quilted details, like in the swingy miniskirts, were under long leather and tweed coats.
UAE: Bloomy pink, folky pink, boreal mauve, mosaic mauve, salsa red and swingy brown.