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Synonyms for swingy

characterized by a buoyant rhythm

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They're easily compatible with the new skirts that hit between the knee and the ankle, with skirts with asymmetrical hems, and with those swingy knife-pleat skirts that everyone from Proenza Schouler to Zara offered up for spring.
I remember conditions were swingy and I think I surprised the batters with slightly more pace than they thought I had.
The top is aggressive and speeds are so high and the turns are so swingy and bumpy that you can hook an edge anywhere.
Ample opportunities for working on unison and octave playing are provided, and a variety of rhythms and meters (including a swingy Time for Five).
She can do jazzy, swingy pop too, as This is a True Heart proves impeccably.
75 The result is like a salon Brazilian blow-dry - smooth, glossy, swingy and light.
SwingBox takes you on a swingy, bumpy and colorful rhythmic trip.
Color accents and quilted details, like in the swingy miniskirts, were under long leather and tweed coats.
UAE: Bloomy pink, folky pink, boreal mauve, mosaic mauve, salsa red and swingy brown.
The singer, whose swingy surf music-influenced mod rock title track "The Truth About Love" may be the first love song to mention the "smelling of armpits," says she still remembers all her girlfriends from her 20s.
Eventually the swingy, spicy music started to be called salsa.
There are shoes galore, jewelry, and rows and rows of swingy cocktail dresses by local up-and-comers, plus glassware and, yes, classic flea finds like midcentury modern coffee tables.
When I sent him funky New Orleans tracks by Kermit Ruffins and an album by the San Francisco-based The Mother Hips who play psychedelic folk rock, he sent me a text message barely two months back in typical 'Beng-lish': "Kermit Ruffins is brilliant swingy music.
Spirals of pleat work at the yoke flashed in a swingy razor-pleat cocktail dress in bright lemon.
Since starting at General Mills, some friends call me Betty, but usually it's a play on my surname, like Swingy.