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a door that swings on a double hinge

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On windows and swinging doors, the integrated shade operates from both the top down and the bottom up, allowing the user to position it anywhere C a feature not offered by other window and door manufacturers.
Low-energy swinging doors are often used in smaller facilities.
The upgraded elevators will have new motors and cabs, as well as sliding doors that replace the existing swinging doors, and will now travel to the sixth floor.
Being a fan of self-preservation, I always secure any freely swinging doors I come across while traveling throughout a ship.
A large wooden wall with two swinging doors is at one end; a garden arch at the other.
Fabricated from chipboard and painted white, the humble, Nauman-like structure consisted of a couple of sawed-off swinging doors reminiscent of those on bathroom stalls or changing rooms.
And there was plenty of that: from the various flirtations in and out of the swinging doors of the "below stairs" to the seduction scene on the kitchen table accompanied only by the sound of a dripping tap.
On one occasion Glyn Owen, who played Patrick O'Meara, and my character were having a hell of a row marching through hospital and through the swinging doors.
The halves bend in, then out, "like a pair of swinging doors," as the researchers put it.
The executive committee then formed task groups focused on such areas as security hollow metal, locks for swinging doors and sliding devices, security glazing, walls, security electronics and more.
I object," was all she said before she turned and strode through the swinging doors.
Or travel across the street to Swinging Doors, a small tavern with a lively jukebox and disc jockey spinning oldies but goodies.
SPS Commerce, the leader in Supply Chain Integration Services for small and mid-sized businesses, announced today that TMI Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of Strip Doors, Air Doors, Flexible Enclosures, Swinging Doors and Dock Accessories, is using its hosted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service to electronically trade order, and shipping documents with its distribution customers.
With the release of UL ISR 102, Sustainability for Swinging Doors, UL Environment hopes to provide a clear path for door manufacturers who are genuinely interested in manufacturing environmentally preferable products.
The final show in this eye-opening series talks to people who work behind those swinging doors.