swinging door

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a door that swings on a double hinge

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"If it's just one person cleaning a large house, they may not want to have to lift the roof by themselves, so the swinging door makes the whole process easier and safer."
State-of-the-art hardware allows for easy operation, and sliding a door out of the way is as comfortable as the old swinging doors that many traditional homes used to have.
This unit is used with traditional swinging doors only.
Use it on a currently open passageway or replace a space-hogging swinging door. Apply trim over the hardware to match the room's decor.
The Oculas, which also has a swinging door, is the brainchild of London-based designer Lee McCormack and the team that built the Mercedes SLR McLaren.
First, instead of installing a dog door, we decided to install a regular-size swinging door. The dogs are able to let themselves in and out by just nudging the door with a nose or paw.
Typically in a remodel, a swinging door won't replace a sliding one because it would encroach on the existing space.
She grabbed the swinging door after it popped open during a journey from Edinburgh to North Berwick.
When they get to the swinging door they turn right around and go back in and say, `I just can't quite get there'."
Standard Test Methods for Hollow Metal Swinging Door Assemblies for Detention Facilities
Manufactured with a die-cast aluminum frame that supports clear Plexiglas, spring-loaded, two-way swinging door, the Gun Dog House Door comes with a lifetime guarantee and is easy to install, weather-tight, chew-proof, and fits dogs up to 120 pounds.
The tub features an outward swinging door, which reduces the amount of maneuvering needed to open and close it.
This barrier consists of a standard swinging door with an electric lock, a door alarm connected to a monitoring computer, and an automatic sensor as an exit device.
The unit has single side swinging doors on the front and back of the workspace for easy access, plus 4" thick insulated walls.