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Synonyms for swinging

Synonyms for swinging

changing location by moving back and forth

characterized by a buoyant rhythm

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In the 19th Century, British soldiers stationed in India took up club and sword swinging exercises used by local wrestlers to improve upper body strength and flexibility and the practice spread as part of fitness and exercise regimes.
And believe it or not, swinging is an activity that chickens really seem to enjoy.
The subjects were instructed to practice swinging the club as many times as necessary until they became comfortable with the testing situation and felt they could swing "normally" and consistently.
Paula, 45, said: "The swinging motion of "The swing is very therapeutic." We can swing on it with him.
If this is not difficult enough, hammers will be swinging across the game area to up the difficulty.
Haley's Joy comes complete with swing frame, dual hanging points for linear swinging, mat and duffel bag.
Just image gently swinging back and forth on a mellow spring day with the birds singing and the sun warming you as you chill out.
The golf swing is the same -- swinging too far back with no coil will produce less effortless energy into the ball.
Decide on a number of swings per round and take a short break between rounds, as swinging when you're tired can lead to bad habits.
LOCAl bassist Ken Marley will be swinging back to his base when he appears with the Five Star Swing show at the Penistone Paramount Theatre on Sunday.
A little girl was swinging to and fro in long smooth arcs.
If you picture the swing as a clock face, with 12 o'clock above your head, Alan wants us to start by swinging backwards only to three o'clock and through to about nine o'clock.
In typical Dubai style, cars were swinging wildly from one lane to the next, they had terrible 'posture' in the lanes they were in, and most were driving way too fast with their hands in entirely the wrong position - on their mobile phones not the wheel.If only drivers could get some professional breakdown of their motoring skills.
Swinging a golf club can be quite easy--it's making contact with the ball and getting the desired result that's the hard part.
"Ours is the fastest swinging ship in the state!" said the park worker.