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The head of the FDA, Dave Penman, said he expected the Conservative government to continue primarily targeting staffing levels as it makes yet more swingeing cuts to public spending, leading to an even greater round of public sector job cuts than those under the coalition, The Guardian reported.
Summary: David Cameron has told Tory supporters that swingeing cuts are being made to Government budgets because the Conservatives "care".
Another famous work is his painting Swingeing London (1968-69), showing Rolling Stone Mick Jagger shielding his face in the back of a police car following a notorious police drugs raid.
Any future government is already bound by the swingeing austerity plan, which will have to be implemented if Portugal wants to keep drawing down EU and IMF aid.
MORE than 400,000 protesters marched through London yesterday to campaign against swingeing Government cuts.
WITH 5.4 million adults spending more each month than they earn, around 13 million just breaking even, and 26 million having less than pounds 100 in their bank account when all bills are paid, comparison service uSwitch.com says any new Government-imposed swingeing spending cuts and tax rises to balance the books of 'UK Plc' could leave a devastating gap in household budgets.
Swingeing cuts in public services and jobs is their remit, a cycle of despair.
Harvey's swingeing revenge comes in his column in the Newbury Weekly News.
THE UNITED States Trade Representative (USTR) office has launched a swingeing attack on the European Union's (EU) negotiating position at the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) Doha Development Round agricultural talks.
KYLIE Minogue has given herself a swingeing pounds 620,000 pay cut.
Before that he was chief financial officer at IBM Corp, a post he took on in 1995 following the swingeing cuts he imposed on the IBM Personal Computer Co a year earlier.
They say Britain must leave the single market even if Mrs May fails to strike a new trade deal with Brussels - meaning swingeing tariffs on our imports and exports.
The swingeing cuts mean brown sauce (510g) falls from 75p to a rock bottom 57p, and instant coffee (200g) is PS1.59 instead of PS1.79.
The trade union Unite said the Wood Group has refused to reconsider "swingeing" 30% pay cuts on eight of Shell's North Sea oil and gas platforms.