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a voter who has no allegiance to any political party and whose unpredictable decisions can swing the outcome of an election one way or the other

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5) Go to YouTube and watch the concession speeches of Kerry, Gore, and Hillary Clinton, each of whom decided to run to the middle in an attempt to attract undecided swing voters
Sometimes they can increase their vote total more easily by mobilizing a bigger chunk of their base voters than by bending over backwards to woo undecided swing voters (as long as the effort to mobilize their base does not alienate too many swing voters).
Kennedy, another swing voter, seemed caught up in the idea that ordering the removal of religious influences from courtrooms might signal government hostility toward religion.
The Mondeo was so influential in the 1990s that Mondeo man became a key swing voter in the general election.
In a typical election year, political independents and moderates are among those most likely to fall into the swing voter group.
The individual personalities sitting on the bench drive the narrative, in particular the longstanding swing voter Sandra Day O'Connor, and Toobin concentrates his discussion on the more sensationalistic "hot-button" cases decided by the court, such as Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v.
"I'VE NEVER BEEN A SWING VOTER BEFORE," MUSED David Brooks a few weeks after the election.
Lockhart is viewed as a key swing voter on FMOC and has moved closer to supporting another economic stimulus.
ONE LESSON OF THE 2006 VOTE WAS SO OBVIOUS that Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times was able to write about it two days before the election: the return of the swing voter. Karl Rove's strategy of mobilizing a conservative Republican base while ignoring the flippable voters in the middle "lay shattered in pieces" exactly as pollster Stan Greenberg told Brownstein it would.
Chef Geoff himself is a Democrat, but Monroe assures me that he'll cross party lines come November--"He's a swing voter." Sitting around the table are some key Monroe supporters: high school friends Quincy Waldron and John Corrigan, D.C.
SWING VOTER "Sex & the City" Office Park Dads Security Moms
It's the swing voter, that mother of three in Wal-mart, after all, upon whom the election pivots.
By supporting cannabis, Trump may be able to incrementally broaden his appeal with swing voters without alienating his base, Esposito tells investors in a research note.
He said that while Mr Johnson attracted Brexiteer votes, the Tories would not get elected under him if he did not pick up swing voters who were more concerned about competence in Government.