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a door that swings on a double hinge

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com)-- Solar Innovations[R] Architectural Glazing Systems, a custom manufacturer of sliding, folding, and stacking glass walls, doors, windows, and screens; conservatories; greenhouses; skylights; and curtain walls; now offers an innovative lockbox design that integrates into all swing door offerings.
The Powerturn F has been designed for special situations such as double-leaf, asymmetrical swing doors with partial automation.
Automatic and revolving doors are more ideal than swing doors at accommodating two-way traffic.
In front of her are a pair of grey swing doors with the words Level Two stencilled on them in black paint.
replace the sliding doors at the west entrance with offset swing doors.
The product range includes doors for freezers as well as chill rooms, industrial doors, PVC swing doors, polycarbonate swing doors and rapid roller doors, fire doors, door automatics and sliding rails (DAN-matic).
Another product on display at Passenger Terminal Expo was the Swinglane, a security lane with swing doors from Boon Edam.
With full automatic operation, it overcomes the traditional problems associated with direct contact of swing doors.
The Max Bullet truck mounted strip door system for conventional rollup or swing doors saves fuel and increases efficiency by reducing the run time on truck refrigeration units and maintains a stable temperature to reduce product spoilage.
The referee couldn't turn far for some light relief as Wayne Rooney was apparently in full rant mode too, in between lashing out at some swing doors leading to the dressing rooms.
Carts bang open the double swing doors, giving the plant manager his simplicity with a minimal amount of product contact.
1978: Thousands of healthy people went into the Royal Liverpool Teaching hospital voluntarily to test out its new swing doors.
To disrupt the boxiness of the hall and replicate something of the portico on the other side, Kada has made the side and end walls openable with a long series of electrically driven swing doors.
When Martin becomes the law, west of the Sperrins, he intends to force all pubs to install swing doors and employ pianists, and bank robbers, who are unable to produce current Sinn Fein membership cards, will be hunted down by posses of deputised citizens.
The 1110/1120 Series Electro-Magnetic Locks with Magnetic Bond Sensor are offered in various configurations for swing doors and pairs of out-swinging, in-swinging, sliding, and overhead doors.