swing around

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turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically

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When not in use for those purposes, the entire unit can swing around and face another wall or an outside view.
One offender punched the man, then grabbed the woman's handbag, causing her to swing around and crash into a wall.
But even so, preparations are in full swing around the state for a live broadcast of the address.
The gaseous snack inbound for our galaxy's supermassive black hole (June issue, page 23) might be starting to swing around the beast.
As it moves to the east, the wind direction will change from south-westerly to south-easterly, and by next week, swing around to an eastwind veering to the north as the high pressure system departs the sub-continent.
In these conditions, with this humidity, the ball will swing around, especially early doors.
William Roach, Ken Barlow of Coronation Street fame, comedian Jasper Carrott, snooker ace Willie Thorne, ex-England rugby international Austin Healey plus Strictly Come Dancing Judge Len Goodman will also be getting in the swing around the most challenging Par 3 Course in the UK.
The game comes into it's own as now you can run up waterfalls, climb columns of water and swing around and off fountains.
Commander Alan Poindexter and his crew were instructed to take another swing around the world, in hopes the weather would improve, Reuters reported.
Gramophonedzie Why Don't You SERBIAN producer and DJ Marko Milicevic delivers this club bomb that blends house, funk and classic swing around a sample from Peggy Lee's blues standard Why Don't You Do Right?
You can either hang it from above to swing around or tether the four corners and "float".
We went to the fair and went on the big ride where you go up and swing around like a big swing!
The pair's simulations, recently posted online (http://arxiv.org/abs/0705.1170), indicate that Andromeda and our galaxy will have their first close encounter about 2 billion years from now and will then swing around each other several times before combining to form a single, football-shaped galaxy.
If Democrats alienate this vote with anti-life, anti-family measures, this vote may well swing around again.
BEST-DRESSED ladies' events are still in full swing around the racecourses, with big events to come at the Curragh, York and Ayr, but Nicola Millar has her title in the bag already.