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Pig producers will concentrate on tackling swine dysentery for pig producers, while representatives of the poultry sector will have the opportunity to discuss whether poultry and other livestock enterprises mix.
Several diseases afflicting livestock require further research, including necrotic enteritis in poultry (and the use of ionophores for coccidiostats); pasteurella respiratory disease, and; swine ileitis and swine dysentery, as well as diseases of swine at weaning.
Swine dysentery, also known as bloody scours or vibrionic dysentery, is caused by the bacterium Serpulina hyodysenteriae (Harris et al., 1993).
Dr Heading has a background in microbiology and helped research the cloning of genes to cure swine dysentery.
The point is, you don't look at the Pepto-Bismol ad and turn around and write a headline for a swine dysentery product that says, "Diarrhea.