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Moscow [Russia] January 20 ( ANI ): Russian President Vladimir Putin has stripped to his swimming trunks in freezing temperatures before immersing himself in icy waters of a lake in northwest Russia to celebrate the feast of Epiphany.
Defence counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah had argued in mitigation that some of the nine were part-time beach lifesavers and that stripping down to their swimming trunks was "second nature" to them.
He was forced to leave the building in his swimming trunks and trainers - the only item the thief had left behind.
These slides could sometimes be a bit painful as there were often upturned sea shells in the mud which would slice through our swimming trunks.
Maybe, they should be forced to have medical treatment for the rest of their lives at the hospital and provide their swimming trunks to boot?
Michael Phelps has one that peaks out from his swimming trunks while others have them between their shoulder blades, at the base of the neck, on the hips or even on their feet.
Jim, Devon vvBring your swimmers Bought a pair of swimming trunks the other day.
Police divers found his swimming trunks in the sea later in the day, and said the damage to them was consistent with a shark attack.
In fact, the peak is reached at the age of 59, when the length of swimming trunks can reach as little as just two inches (fabric measured down the hip).
SPEEDO swimming trunks have become an unlikely fashion hit this summer, with an increasing number of men opting for the briefest of briefs.
Still, the investigators are not advising people to retire their swimming trunks.
The resorts have offered a Santa Claus sighting in swimming trunks and tropical shirts to guests staying at the resorts.
The same rules ban men from swimming in anything other than skimpy swimming trunks - all swimming shorts or Bermuda shorts are out.
MAJOR tourist attraction Alton Towers has banned Speedos and other types of tight swimming trunks at its Staffordshire site - on grounds of taste.
I want to see the sport go back to a pair of swimming trunks but that will never happen.