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a small body of water (usually in a creek) that is deep enough to use for swimming

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5 -- color) Tommy Krattiger, 7, of Mission Hills swings from a rope at a swimming hole at Malibu Creek.
With assistance from Council's Access and Equity Advisory Committee, we've improved accessibility to the waterfall and swimming hole.
The old-fashioned swimming hole, something of a local secret, is a mere 14-mile drive on Marcola Road from the 42nd Street exit in east Springfield.
Floor-to-ceiling windows with French doors and private terraces invite you to bask in the eastern Washington climate--even in June, it's warm enough that you'll hardly need a towel after a plunge in the natural basalt swimming hole.
It's just a short pleasant hike down from the Sholan Farms parking area to a cool, pleasant swimming hole, but if you dive in, you might be over your head politically.
Sharps Creek Campground on right; swimming hole on left.
While Rockwell was painting his endearing visual bromides about an America many hoped for but few actually experienced - tousle-haired kids mischievously trespassing into a swimming hole, townfolks spreading innocent gossip, an extended family gathering for a bountiful Thanksgiving meal - he was also working his way through three marriages.
The falls take a six-foot leap down and skip down another small step, before taking a long roll along the smooth rock before a final plop to an area that is a popular swimming hole in the summer.
The lodge does have a clay tennis court and a croquet lawn, plus access to nearby hiking trails and a swimming hole, but, admits owner Mary Garland, "the big sports here are reading, eating, and going to bed early.
The kids, meanwhile, get to learn stuff about kindness and mortality and the dignity of the human soul - not to mention sleeping outside and visiting the ol' swimming hole.
The pond, which an apple orchard was flooded to create, was once a popular swimming hole.
Cross went to a swimming hole near Cedar Creek Campground and had a short conversation with swimmers about water conditions before jumping off a rock ledge and sinking 15 feet to the bottom, Lane County sheriff's officials said.
We locals call it The Forks; it's where the east and west forks of the Illinois River meet and make a very nice swimming hole.
Wayne's father, Ken Loftin, called the Harrisburg swimming hole particularly well-suited for a rope swing.
Scott, a Highland High School senior, and other members of Troop 331 cleaned graffiti, broken glass and three truckloads of trash from around a natural swimming hole in the Angeles National Forest.