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I can't wait to get the photographs blown up and put on my walls - and I've also got rid of my green swimming costume and have been out and bought a couple of bikinis.
From swimming costumes and snorkels to sunglasses and swingball, here are the sizzling bargains to fill your suitcase.
He said: "I usually wear dry suits but today I'm in a floral swimming costume which I have borrowed from my friend.
Lauren Knowles, 17, from Prestatyn, caught the judges' eyes by sending pictures posed in a wedding dress and swimming costume.
I slip on a skirt and a tee-shirt over my swimming costume and walk down to the beach watching the sunrise.
uk SPLASH ABOUT KAYLA LA SWIMMING COSTUME A STRAPPY designer costume with pretty flower detail in super-soft material.
It all came in the days when women in sport were uncommon and the sight of a woman in a swimming costume was regarded as a bit shocking.
It's a 1940s-style swimming costume and a tennis outfit.
A MAN admitted chasing a female jogger through woods while wearing only a women's swimming costume.
A FORMER councillor is to chain himself to Moseley Road baths wearing a period swimming costume in a protest over cuts.
SarahMillican75 (Sarah Millican): I made sandwiches while wearing only a swimming costume today.
I'd got to the stage where I couldn't even wear a swimming costume because I was so fat," revealed the mumof-two.
I'm looking for a new swimming costume or bikini for a summer holiday but because I am quite small in the bust department, I'm struggling.
Wearing the same swimming costume as he had worn when he stepped ashore at Calais eight years earlier, Webb was soon gripped by the current as he attempted this final impossible feat and the legendary swimmer died when the raging torrent dragged his head on to the jagged rocks.