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a tight-fitting cap that keeps hair dry while swimming


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The warm-up distances and intensities were standardized; in both conditions (SC and NH), the warm-ups were performed wearing a swimming cap, as required in Guadeloupian swimming pools for hygienic reasons.
As darkness fell at 9pm, hundreds of people cheered at the little harbour at Holyhead Sailing Club as Ronan, wearing a black wet suit, pink swimming cap and flippers, made the sign of the cross and took his first steps into the water.
Konuralp described how the design of a range of sporting equipment such as goggles, swimming cap, suit and starting blocks influenced his performance.
Not many women can look good in a wet-suit and swimming cap, but she pulled it off at last week's triathlon.
If youeCOre not one to wear a swimming cap, remember that any barrier between your hair and the salt or chlorine will help protect it.
We were in a deluxe room, complete with complementary bathrobes and slippers, champagne on ice and handmade heartshaped chocolate - as well as a free swimming cap each for us to try the leisure facilities out.
It was so exciting to have that swimming cap on with the U.
Not only is she a big fish on the international scene, but this trendy teen did swimmingly well modelling for us when she swapped her swimming cap and Lycra for trendy casuals.
Heath's only defense was a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.
The earphones tend to slip out, however, a swimming cap will help keep them in place.
We recommend swimmers come to this particular part of the lake and wear a bright swimming cap and, if possible, carry a flotation device so that others can see them.
Mick was cheered off by family and friends as he left Goodison Park this morning wearing his famous blue speedos, swimming cap and goggles.
Those who enter the race for the charity can get a Velindre triathlon pack personally presented by Shane, a guide, water bottle, running vest and swimming cap.
The bags contain a swimming cap, a float, water bottle, swimming fins and swimming aids.