swimming bath

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pool that provides a facility for swimming

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The owners were faced with the changing social habits of the public, poor summers and fierce competition from Coventry's new central swimming baths.
However, the heritage and importance of Prospect House, Hexham House, the Old Grammar School and the Old Swimming Baths makes it essential to carefully vet potential buyers and a protective clause allows the Council to reject any offers it deems unsuitable.
Members of the Elvet Residents Association fought plans to protect Racecourse Park, including the former bowling green, and any of the green space east of the wall bordering the swimming baths car park wall on Elvet Waterside.
Officials in Barking appear to be living up to their name by imposing bizarre health and safety rules at swimming baths.
In his concert at Ynysangharad Park a couple of years ago, Tom Jones made much of the many enjoyable times he had spent at the nearby swimming baths.
Meanwhile, Johnny G tells me his mate was frogmarched out of the local swimming baths at the weekend.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-2 July 2007-Sweden's Peab to renovate public swimming baths in Sollentuna(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
She has started lessons twice a week at her local swimming baths.
Deborah died in hospital after emergency surgery for head injuries following her fall at city swimming baths.
DEAR Editor, the aesthetically beautiful Northfield swimming baths is on death row.
It's POO, as in last week's headline: Northfield swimming baths close after another customer does a POO in the water.
COUNCIL chiefs in Wirral say they have been forced to think again over the future of a swimming baths slated for demolition - after heritage bosses made it a Grade II listed building.
Parents were advised that children under 10 should not be allowed in swimming baths and other public buildings without adult supervision.
sport centre which are being closed THE end has come both the swimming baths and the Coventry sport centre which are being closed down.