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swift of eastern Asia

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'We are now making efforts to ensure that a number of other fruits like honey jackfruit as well as swiftlet nests which are still under discussion, can be exported too,' he told reporters after officiating at the Johor Agriculture Expo and Meet-Customers Day at Dataran Pontian, here, today.
Swiftlet nests, which are created from the dried saliva of a species of swallow, are in high demand in China, where they can fetch over $2,000 a kilogramme.
EBN is derived from the saliva of certain types of swiftlet. It is consumed in many regions all over the world for its nutritional and medicinal values.
Ng, "Evidence that epidermal growth factor is present in swiftlet's (Collocalia) nest," Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology B, vol.
(1987) Structure of the monosialyl oligosaccharides derived from salivary gland mucin glycoproteins of the Chinese swiftlet (Genus Collocalia).
The company currently runs or develops 14 swiftlet parks, 13 on Peninsular Malaysia and one in the eastern province of Sarawak.
EBN, of Aerodramus fuciphagus (white nest swiftlet) origin, supplied by Blossom View Sdn.
It is produced by several different swiftlet species in the genus of Aerodramus and Collocalia and the nest is mainly built by male swiftlets [2].
It is made using the nests of the swiftlet. The bird makes its nest from its own saliva which hardens when exposed to air.
This edible nest is made from the saliva of a bird called the white-nest swiftlet. During mating season, the male swiftlet's salivary glands get big and produce sticky, rope-like saliva that dries when exposed to air.
Food of the White-rumped Swiftlet (Aerodramus spodiopygius) in Fiji.
For centuries, traditional Chinese doctors have been using swiftlet nests to cure various ailments, raise libido and rejuvenate skin.
It's described as being made from the saliva used to make a nest by swiftlet birds, and they should only be from caves, not cliffs or trees, making it a dangerous and rare treat if done properly.
Take bird's nest soup, made from the nests of the cave swiftlet.