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Synonyms for Swift

Synonyms for Swift

Synonyms for Swift

United States meat-packer who began the use of refrigerated railroad cars (1839-1903)

an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)

moving very fast


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This is in order to achieve the swiftest and most effective outcome for all stakeholders - including staff, fans, sponsors, creditors and others.
Marconcini couldn't have shown mercy and proceeded to teach Nakano the finer points of grappling in one of the swiftest decisions in the sport here.
The 10Gbps service roll out will facilitate customers with access to the swiftest broadband facility, surpassing all others now available in the regional market.
In the meantime, managed services will grow at the swiftest CAGR among services.
However, Asia Pacific will exhibit the swiftest growth in the forecast horizon.
The swiftest changes could be seen in plants in the Pacific Northwest and western US mountainous regions.
The Arctic is already feeling the effects of climate change, Obama said, noting Alaska had "some of the swiftest shoreline erosion rates in the world," which threaten coastal villages.
The logistical center will support the pallet services of the company, one of the swiftest developing business lines of Speedy.
At this point we'd like to thank the Metropolitan Police for their advice, which assisted us in dealing with this in the swiftest possible manner.
It was the swiftest comeback of a bailed-out nation to international markets in the history of the euro debt crisis.
As fully regulated agents we know that professionalism is key and we also understand that people may be going through a stressful time, consequently we attempt to sell a home in the swiftest fashion to make it as easy for people as possible.
While this recognition of their courage is welcome it is essential that we also ensure practical measures are in place so they receive the compensation and help they deserve at the swiftest possible place.
ATLET says every good logistics manager knows that the art of profitable warehousing and distribution is to achieve the swiftest, safest, most reliable and most cost-effective handling of goods between points.
Whenever such incidents comes to light, swiftest actions must be taken against the culprits, to give our brethren from the north-east a feeling, that whichever is the government or the Indian state is as sensitive to their security as the security of anybody else," Tewari told ANI.
But instructor Sandy was going to show me how to deal with the track at speed, using the apexes to get round bends in the swiftest possible way.