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Synonyms for Swift

Synonyms for Swift

Synonyms for Swift

United States meat-packer who began the use of refrigerated railroad cars (1839-1903)

an English satirist born in Ireland (1667-1745)

moving very fast


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Russia's foreign ministry said Lavrov and Fradkov went to Damascus because Moscow sought "the swiftest stabilization of the situation in Syria on the basis of the swiftest implementation of democratic reforms whose time has come".
Around 1714, he was commissioned to create a sculpture of Hippomenes, to complement a reproduction of an antique statue representing Atalanta, the swiftest maiden in Greek mythology.
In a note, Nagase expresses their deepest sympathies to all affected by the floods, and hopes for the swiftest possible recovery of the affected areas.
1 The Carlisle bell is inscribed with the words 'The sweftes horse thes bel to tak for mi lade Daker sake' ('The swiftest horse this bell to take for my Lady Dacre's sake' - Lady Dacre presented the early prizes) 2 The two bells (the horse and nage bells - nage being a northern/Scottish word for a horse, ie a nag) survived as part of the council's collection of civic silver but were lost for many years before being rediscovered in a box in the town clerk's office in the later 19th century 3 During the 16th and 17th centuries, bells, bridles, plates and purses of money were the most common horserace prizes 4 The Carlisle Bell pre-dates the America's Cup - the world's oldest sporting trophy - by 250 years.
The Bristol Channel has some of the swiftest tides in the world.
We'd like to thank the ambulance service, RNLI and RAF for their swift response but also take this opportunity to remind everyone that for the swiftest response to accidents at the seaside phone 999 and ask for the coastguard.
But it is crucial that fire service chiefs do all in their power to ensure that crews are despatched to jobs in the swiftest possible time.
This has been one of the fastest and swiftest starts that we've seen.
Japan's oil product sales last year fell at their swiftest pace in 27 years and consumption in December hit a 24-year low for the month, capping a year in which a recession and diversification towards other fuel sources battered demand.
Last year, oil product sales fell at their swiftest pace in 27 years.
Berlusconi is not considered the swiftest of western leaders, and he appears to have a major another major bungle on the sanctions issue.
When Jamieson was brought back before Alnwick magistrates James Long, prosecuting, said: "This certainly must be one of the swiftest breaches of an Asbo ever made.
If it is now our policy, indeed our determination, to select and nurture the swiftest and the strongest why is it still our policy to ignore the brightest?
This design, together with the stripping effect of the nylon bladed scraper agitator and the high ratio of surface to volume, assures the swiftest possible thermal exchange in both heating and cooling modes.
They also know that the swiftest route to recovering from costly blunders must begin with acknowledging what went wrong and who was responsible.