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(of an aircraft) having sweptback wings

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The Germans were the first to design and use jet engine aircraft, metal aircraft, instrument navigation, sweptwing technology, and advanced testing through wind tunnels.
Many of their innovations--such as canards, boundary layer control, sweptwings, variable wings, jet engines, and more--are widely used today and accepted as industry standards.
As with all perpendicular and rear sweptwings, the actual lift is generated at the wingtips due to the directioning of the laminar (air) flow over the wings.
(9) Another wing technological approach to overcome the low-speed and high-speed maneuverability tradeoff came through the use of variable sweptwings. Familiar today for application on the F-14 Tomcat, the variable sweep technology is designed to move both wings from a perpendicular configuration at low speed to a rear swept configuration at high speed for the aforementioned reasons.
Instead, of course, the sweptwing Sabre met the sweptwing MiG over the Yalu and its pilots added another spectacular page in Air Force history.
The concept of the OAW was originated by the father of the sweptwing, the late National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) engineer R.