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a sweetened delicacy (as a preserve or pastry)

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See, little one, here are four annas to spend in sweetmeats because thou hast a little head under that great thatch of hair.
It was a human storm, made up of a thunder of cries, and a hail of sweetmeats, flowers, eggs, oranges, and nosegays.
Jennings's endeavours to cure a disappointment in love, by a variety of sweetmeats and olives, and a good fire.
Their parents are suffered to see them only twice a year; the visit is to last but an hour; they are allowed to kiss the child at meeting and parting; but a professor, who always stands by on those occasions, will not suffer them to whisper, or use any fondling expressions, or bring any presents of toys, sweetmeats, and the like.
One can gorge sights to repletion as well as sweetmeats. Since we breakfasted, this morning, we have seen enough to have furnished us food for a year's reflection if we could have seen the various objects in comfort and looked upon them deliberately.
A pair of Turkish slippers adorned her feet, and necklaces of amber, coral, and filigree hung about her neck, while one hand held a smelling-bottle, and the other the spicy box of oriental sweetmeats.
Even the irrepressible man with the apron, who always turns up to sell nuts and sweetmeats in a crowd, plied his trade in silence, and found few indeed (to the credit of the nation be it spoken) who had the heart to crack a nut at such a time as this.
Having brought this admonition to an end--upon which, to say the truth, the young gentleman for whose benefit it was designed, bestowed little or no heed, having to all appearance his faculties absorbed in the contemplation of the sweetmeats,--Miss Miggs signified to the company in general that they were not to be uneasy, for she would soon return; and, with her nephew's aid, prepared to bear her wardrobe up the staircase.
At the end of the program a group photo of the newly promoted officers was made with the chief minister and the policemen had brought sweetmeat with them which the distributed there.
After a month of fasting during the hottest and most humid of summers it is finally time for celebration and congratulating and greeting each other while exchanging sweetmeats and therefore the rush at all sweetmeat shops and confectioners throughout the Eid holidays.
To slim down, he ditched his favourite treats, jelabis, an Indian sweetmeat, and started to exercise.
To slim down, he ditched jelabis, an Indian sweetmeat, and started to exercise.
The food authority also issued strict orders against the sale and purchase of meat of new born calves and the use of artificial colours in sweetmeat (mithai).
Main exports included cement, tomato paste, plastic packaging, milk and cream, sweetmeat, biscuits and clorex.
Main exports from the Sultanate included cement, tomato paste, plastic packaging, milk and cream, sweetmeat, biscuits and clorex.