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Synonyms for sweetening

an improvement that makes something more agreeable


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the act of adding a sweetener to food

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Achieving full gas sweetening capacity at SP13 treatment facility has materialized after the startup of the fourth, which is also the last, train of sweetening at this phase.
ISOMALT is the only sugar-replacer derived from sugar-beet and thus has a similar sweetening profile.
Project name: QP - Mesaieed Gas Sweetening Integrated Plant Name of client: QP Budget: $200 million Main contractor: Not yet appointed Facility type: Gas treatment plant Status: EPC ITB PMC: Not yet appointed Location: Mesaieed
The resulting sourness required sweetening the product with sucralose.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the Overhaul and Renovation Section of Fajr Jam Gas Refining Company, Hossein Ardeshiri, says overhaul of the sweetening units of his company is almost complete in a matter of months.
It functions as an alternative sweetening solution, thus replacing the refined sugar in chocolate.
Ajinomoto Aspartame has been sweetening the world's favourite low- and no-sugar brands for more than 25 years.