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By virtue of RA 109631, the government shall now collect excise taxes of P6 per liter or P12 per liter from sweetened beverages, depending on the type of sweetener used in said beverage, to wit:
The levy was introduced with a reorganisation of the non-alcoholic drinks menu where drinks were put into two sections - sugar sweetened drinks or other beverages such as juice, bottled water and diet cola.
Citing prior research implicating artificially sweetened beverages in weight gain, the study authors sought to determine if diet beverage consumption during pregnancy could influence the weight of children.
We also agreed that since very many questions have been raised and disputes started in relation to the sweetened products tax, and we need to obtain clarity when it comes to state aid, we will not count income from the sweetened products tax in 2018," Finance Minister Too-mas Toniste told the evening news of ETV television.
USA], Sep 11 (ANI): A recent study has found the key factor in increased intake of sugar sweetened beverages in countries.
On the one hand, the administration wanted to raise as much revenue as it could to finance its P8-trillion infrastructure program, through higher taxes on fuel, vehicles and sweetened drinks.
The newer sweetened beverage taxes are primarily aimed at altering consumer behavior.
A latest study which reveals that the consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks, such as diet sodas, is associated with a higher risk of stroke and dementia, has once again driven home a very strong message - staying away from such beverages is good for health.
These data support recommendations to limit sugar sweetened beverage Intake, which can be achieved by replacing sugary beverages with healthier alternatives, such as unsweetened coffee or tea.
Chocolate milk - 100g, cocoa mass at least 30% weight of milk at least 15%; sweetened with natural sugar - the estimated amount of 50 pieces 2.
ISLAMABAD -- Cutting sugar in sweetened drinks by 40 percent can prevent over 300,000 obesity-related Type 2 diabetes over the next two decades, a significant study has found.
Data from the Framingham Heart Study -- federally supported, ongoing research that has advanced the understanding of cardiovascular disease -- showed that among middle-aged adults, there was a direct correlation between greater sweetened beverage consumption and increased visceral fat.
2, 2015, in the journal Heart suggests that men who drink two or more glasses of sweetened drinks a day are at greater risk of heart failure.
Drinking at least two sugar-sweetened drinks per day increased the risk of heart failure among middle-aged and older men by 23 percent compared to men who didn't drink any sweetened beverages.
In their analysis, scientists used data on sweetened drink consumption from 62 national dietary surveys, which included more than 600,000 people in 51 countries surveyed from 1980 to 2010.