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edible glands of an animal


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Tickets for Roadmetal, Sweetbread cost pounds 9 by phoning 024 7652 4524.
If you dare, the sweetbread, in particular, brings you to Lyon.
OFFAL - I love it but my wife hates it, and when we're eating out and there are kidneys, livers or sweetbreads on the menu it's always what I'll order.
The reason for this collection was purely practical - at the time I could only purchase a whole Ronaldsay lamb; therefore I opted, among other things, to roast the leg, stuff the breast with a stuffing comprising shallot, courgette and sweetbread, and fry the escalopes, and so forth.
Starters include Stilton souffle with dandelion, rocket and hazelnut dressing, and mains feature roast rack of lamb with caramelised sweetbread. 99 Kensington High Street, W8 (020 7937 7994).
You then need to remove the membrane on the outside of the sweetbread. To do this, cover the sweetbreads with water and a touch of milk (the milk will help draw out blood if any is left and help stop discolouration of the sweetbread).
Susan falls into the category of hating offal and it's not for the want of trying, she often tries a slice of liver, a nugget of sweetbread and even a piece of kidney, and no matter how it's cooked its always declared disgusting.
Head chef Marzio Zacchi offers such delights as fresh ribbon pasta with lamb sweetbread and sage sauce, or mackerel fillet with a caper and onion sauce.
Every performance of Station House Opera's Roadmetal, Sweetbread is a one-off event.
Most tempting was pressed tongue, sweetbread and foie gras: it was beautifully made and presented.
Roadmetal Sweetbread was devised by its stars Julian Maynard Smith and Susannah Hart, who realised that 'one could have a double life with a video projector'.
Gland - for that is what a sweetbread is - would not be appropriate on the menu.
Each dish is ingredient-led, with some daring starter combinations as rabbit with langoustines, sweetbread and lobster alongside forthright John Dory, duck, squab, scallops, oysters and crab.
Other starters included skate salad and a pork, black pudding and lamb sweetbread terrine, so maybe I've only myself to blame for that one.