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flattery designed to gain favor

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Thereafter he started contacting me more often and SMS-ed me - he sweet-talked me and flattered me a lot.
"She left him three or four times in all but he always sweet-talked her into going back.
The horrified visitors report that jailbirds are refusing to go to the library, won't visit the gym and can't even be sweet-talked to the showers.
Among other items, they were in Casanova's kit box of seduction as he sweet-talked women into bed.
Other charter members Akamai has sweet-talked into joining the Free Flow network include: Furniture.com, Hard Rock Hotel, various companies from Bill Gross's idealab, JCrew.com, The Motley Fool, the New York Times on the Web, Sportsline USA and Wrenchead.com.
A Facebook acquaintance sweet-talked a gullible Malaysian housewife into parting with RM151,800 after she had put the money into a number of accounts as requested by the man.
Summary: Suspect sweet-talked woman while her husband was jailed, asked for a date on Valentine's Day
He took Helen and her retired mum to stay on his "estate" - Myres Castle near Auchtermuchty, Fife - as he sweet-talked them into handing him their life savings to "invest".
Chelsea manager Mourinho sweet-talked Gallas into remaining at the club last summer.
This gullible breed used to get sweet-talked by some axe murderer or other and in no time at all would be recommending their release.
Benn is being sweet-talked back into the ring by Collins, who said: "Nigel is a warrior and he won't want to end his career the way it is now."