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Synonyms for sweet-scented

having a natural fragrance

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All on a sudden however, Zarathustra's ear was frightened: for the cave which had hitherto been full of noise and laughter, became all at once still as death;--his nose, however, smelt a sweet-scented vapour and incense-odour, as if from burning pine-cones.
The sweet-scented leaves of the flower on my left hand just brushed my cheek as I lightly rested my head against the railing.
The bride of Middleton was seated on a simple couch of sweet-scented herbs covered with skins.
With anti-frizz properties, this style-locking sweet-scented hair spray gives a strong hold, without leaving hair looking sti.
This winter-flowering beauty, ideal for shrub borders as it only grows to 1m, produces masses of sweet-scented pink flowers in clusters on upright stems in February or March.
Fragrant Daphnes, white stemmed Rubus, bonfire orange Cornus sanguinea, whitetrunked Birch, ochre-stemmed bamboo and sweet-scented Lonicera are some of the highlights of the PS35,000 makeover.
These pint-sized hardy perennial bulbs bloom in late winter or early spring, bearing nodding, sweet-scented white flowers with green markings on the inner petals.
JASMINE climber for a sunny position, with small star-shaped white sweet-scented flowers.
Cold-smoked with sweet-scented maple and beech wood, Speck is aged for several months for a firm, moist texture.
Ramet (Professor of Political Science at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Pets of the Great Dictators & Other Works is a collection darkly humorous poetic ditties about Lenin's cat, Hitler's dog, Qaddafi's sweet-scented camel, Mao's cockroach, Stalin's spider, Ivan the Terrible's goldfish, and many other favored creatures of ruthless tyrants.
Verdict: A gentle sweet-scented way to slough off tired-looking skin.
SET C) 40 Freesia - sweet-scented mixed colour blooms from Aug-Oct.
Southern California is known for its sunny weather, so what better way to enjoy it than by strolling through gardens filled with luscious landscapes and sweet-scented flowers?
The name originates from the Greek leirion, a term applied to the madonna lily, Lilium candidum, which comes from the Mediterranean area and produces a sweet-scented cluster of pure white trumpet flowers on stems from 90cm-180cm tall (3ft-6ft), depending on soil and conditions.
It is leaving Jerome Robbins's Fancy Free grinning, perhaps with nostalgia; it's the unlocated mystery of Paul Taylor's Aureole or the equally unlocated but sweet-scented pain of Antony Tudor's Jardin aux lilas; the pictorial enchantment of an Alwin Nikolais spectacular or the gymnastic contortions of a Pilobolus unlikelihood; it's the Shakespearean joy of Frederick Ashton's The Dream.