sweet woodruff

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Old World fragrant stoloniferous perennial having small white flowers and narrow leaves used as flavoring and in sachets

fragrant dark green leaves used to flavor May wine

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Garnish with spring onions, sweet woodruff or clover flowers.
The sweet woodruff, with its stellate leaves and delicate vanilla flavour, is in full flower, and the bronze fennel, last year such a hit with the greenfly, is having another bash this year.
Siting Herbs Full Sun Soil Preference Borage Sage dry Coriander medium Cumin medium Garlic rich, well-drained Horehound dry, poor soil Hyssop light, well-drained Lavender poor, rocks Oregano rich, well-drained Rosemary medium, well-drained Sweet Bay medium Thyme medium, well-drained Winter Savory light, sandy Yarrow well-drained Partial Shade Soil Preference Bee Balm medium, tolerates wet, clay Chamomile sandy, well-drained Lemon Balm sandy or loamy, well-drained Parsley fertile, rich humus Sweet Woodruff fertile, moist
For me, there is no set definition.They can offer a sense of nostalgiaAuthink bearded irises, foxgloves or hollyhocks randomly arranged along a mulched path, edged with forget-me-nots, hostas and fragrant white flowers of sweet woodruff in spring.
The huge thistly purple Greater Knapweed and stunning pink Bloody Cranesbill can sway in the breeze alongside violet Loosestrife and green Sweet Woodruff, yellow Creeping Jenny and blue Meadow Clary.
sweet woodruff and marjoram - used to mask unpleasant smells in the church.
Traditional May wine is white wine flavoured with sweet woodruff, marjoram, rose petals, lavender or rosemary (soak the herb in the wine for about 15 minutes.
For parts of the yard that don't see much sun, consider shade-tolerant plants that can handle an occasional drought: Evergreen huckleberry is great in coastal climates, while hosta and sweet woodruff suit all regions save the hottest parts of the South.
(Consult a book for color achievement.) Yarrow, Roman chamomile, calendula, elecampane, horsetail, bronze fennel, sweet woodruff, lady bedstraw, St.