sweet corn plant

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a corn plant developed in order to have young ears that are sweet and suitable for eating

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The presence of sweet potato did not hinder the growth and development of sweet corn plant since the population density of sweet corn and sweet potato in this study was maximized for intercropping which did not significantly contribute competition of crops.
The results did not show significant difference with regards the height of sweet corn plants under the two different cropping systems.
Number of Days to Tassel Table 1 showed that in the number of days to tassel for sweet corn plants as affected by two different cropping systems, the earlier number of days to tassel was recorded from sweet corn plants intercropped with sweet potato with a mean of 51.11 days compared to mono-cropped sweet corn with a mean of 51.22 days.
Sweet corn plants treated with mushroom spent (B2) has a mean of 1.95, and a mean of 1.08 for the plants treated with inorganic fertilizers (B3).
Result on the different fertilizer sources revealed that the sweet corn plants applied with mushroom spent (B2) showed the biggest sweet corn ear diameter with a mean of 4.85 cm, this was followed by sweet corn applied with rice ash (B1) and inorganic fertilizers (B3) with a mean of 3.73 cm, and 3.54 cm, respectively.
Result on the different fertilizers sources revealed that the sweet corn plants applied with mushroom spent (B2) showed the most number of sweet corn ears with a mean of 1.95.
After you've stripped the ears from the sweet corn plants, the stalks go to the cattle, sheep or goats.