sweet corn

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a corn plant developed in order to have young ears that are sweet and suitable for eating

corn that can be eaten as a vegetable while still young and soft


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Sweet corn seeds market is projected to see significant growth in terms of revenue in the forecast period on account of the increased awareness about the health benefits of sweet corn seeds.
BTL 2 had the highest plant height and the highest leaf number while Sweet Corn had the least.
To prevent unacceptable economic loss, sweet corn is visually scouted 3 times per week to assess population intensity.
Factors compared were the spatial arrangement of corn and sweet potato as factor A (mono sweet corn, mono sweet potato and intercropped sweet corn with sweet potato), and type of fertilizers such as mushroom spent, rice ash, and inorganic fertilizers as factor B.
I've personally used both the sweet corn and crisp apple flavors this summer, and the photographs and videos on my trail cameras prove that whitetails absolutely love it.
SuperSeedWare[R] (SSW[R]) represents the first privately owned, 100% natural, gene-type in sweet corn breeding.
Fresh sweet corn having good nutrition status based on moisture (70.78%), total solids (12-20%), carbohydrates (81.00%), protein (13%), lipid (3.50%) and total sugar content (15-20%).
SISTER EDGE TIME now to fork over the Three Sisters bed, where sweet corn, squashes and beans have been growing together in a mutual support group.
SISTER EDGE: Time now tofork over the Three Sisters bed, where sweet corn, squashes and beans have been growing together in a mutual support group.
We asked members of our Facebook community how they prefer to cook and eat sweet corn, and their answers started cropping up before we could say, "Butter!" We've included some of our favorite ideas below for when your sweet corn crop is ripe for the pickin'.
1TO check if sweet corn is fresh, make sure that the husks are green and the tassel at the end is fine and silky.
3 SWEET CORN should be cooked in boiling water with a little sugar, but not salt as this can make the kernels tough.
My version uses fresh, sweet corn grilled and topped with butter that is spiked with garam masala and chili pepper.
PIONEER GROWERS AND GREEN GIANT have cleaned up the sweet corn category with two value-added sweet corn products: a tray package of eight ears of corn and a grab-and-go microwaveable bag.