sweet cassava

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South American plant with roots used as a vegetable and herbage used for stock feed

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When mahewu made from bitter and sweet cassava were compared, there was no statistically significant difference in pH changes and titratable acidity at the 95% confidence level.
However, biodeterioration of sweet cassava cannot be undermined and underestimated, It is as well subject to susceptibility of microorganisms attack.
He says: "In 1966, two lethal cases of cyanide poisoning following ingestion of sweet cassava roots were reported on the East African island of Pemba and three years later, a similar case was reported of a three-and-half year old Indian child who died after eating tapioca (another name for cassava).
Cassava constitues any of several tropical American plants belonging to the genus Manihot, of the spurge family such as bitter cassava and sweet cassava.