sweet Fanny Adams

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"I like them all but when they come out with stuff about how awful it is I think 'you're sitting in the jungle doing sweet Fanny Adams'."
Where Obama had to build the most impressive grassroots political organisation in history, all Borissov had to do was sit back and do sweet Fanny Adams.
So whereas Andy is happy to churn out hits like Blockbuster and Teenage Rampage on nostalgia package tours with the likes of Showaddywaddy and The Rubettes, he'd much rather showcase The Sweet's less wellknown material from albums like Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard.
Smug green points for doing sweet Fanny Adams. And it feels good to know that one of my recycled beer cans saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.
Hopefully, a diet of doing Sweet Fanny Adams will give Willie time to sweeten this tough sort up.
Last week we asked you who on earth Sweet Fanny Adams was.
The initials, incidentally, far from standing for Football Intelligence of sweet Fanny Adams, actually stand for Fdration Internationale de Football Association.
IRISH People reporter TOM PRENDEVILLE took to the streets with a fiendish plan to keep his wallet firmly closed this Christmas (not that it has ever been opened!) Here's his very own guide to doing Christmas on Sweet Fanny Adams
Shrewd local cunning in reaction to the final Bush election as well; every genned-up politico realises not only that George Dubya knows less than Sweet Fanny Adams about Ireland but also that he'd probably have difficulty finding his way here.
That might be just about acceptable if it did anything for the law-abiding public, never mind the inmates But as the latest report from Dame Elish Angiolini shows, prison does sweet Fanny Adams to combat the women's destructive, as well as criminal, behaviour.