sweep under the rug

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to conceal something in the hopes it won't be discovered by others

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We will not allow this government to sweep under the rug the atrocities of its bloody drug war.
But this week it got its very first state-run alcohol rehab center, official recognition of a problem the regime, which bans alcohol, has preferred in the past to sweep under the rug.
"Namibia has not healed yet, there are still issues that we just sweep under the rug which we should deal with" concluded Mushaandja.
"My course fills quickly each time I offer it, and students seem genuinely curious to know more about a topic we generally like to sweep under the rug ...
The two countries goals diverge in ways that are too important to sweep under the rug. In principle, both want a stable, governable Afghanistan with no continuing ties to al-Qaeda.
However, Ned keeps making trouble for them as he naively stumbles upon the problems his sisters preferred to sweep under the rug. Unable to deal with his honesty, the sisters keep passing him along to the next one.
"ESDC and its subsidiaries are trying to sweep under the rug the environmental impacts of almost 9 million square feet of development in a part of Manhattan that already suffers from severe traffic congestion and air and noise pollution," MAS President Kent Barwick said.