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Synonyms for sweaty



Synonyms for sweaty

producing or covered with sweat

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BY JAMES NURSEY ANDY MURRAY put on a majestic display to reach the third round - then threw his "sweaty" wristband to the Duchess of Cornwall.
I was thinking as I came off I was sweaty and very hairy.
I often recall an old Foreign Legion movie which I think was satirically inclined, although by now I'm not quite sure, in which a sweaty and despairing officer turns to his equally sweaty and despairing Legionnaires, surveys the limitless sands around them, and announces, in confident tones: "Legion of the Lost--we're lost!" Sometimes I rather feel that way about the avant-garde, whether it's in dance, in drama, music, painting, or gardening.
Go barefoot Where possible, or wear open-toed sandals to help stop your feet getting sweaty and smelly.
Murray, 28, who next faces Andreas Seppi of Italy, ry admitted: "It was very sweaty. I saw her briefly after the match.
Migration blues, sweaty pulpit moans, bluesy wails, and even a little contemporary R&B and reggae punctuate Sweet Honey's catalog of material, including the group's latest CD, The Women Gather, on EarthBeat!
"On the Tracks," a 1994 photographic series, features sweaty men working in dark spaces that one assumes are South African gold or diamond mines until realizing, from their titles, that the shots were taken in the New York City subway.
The next time you're packed into a sweaty dance club, gyrating with hundreds of men--or watching the action in Queer as Folk's fantasy club Babylon--look around and absorb what's really going on beneath the pounding music and layers of skin and sex.
Even when one of the women (Julia Ritter) presses her sweaty body to him, and entices him with her sexual charms, he cannot bring himself to join the white community.
Synopsis: In "Smoky, Sweaty, Rowdy, and Loud: Tales of Cleveland's Legendary Rock & Roll Landmarks", Mike and Janice Olszewski takes their readers backstage at Cleveland's legendary rock and roll landmarks as club owners, talent bookers, performers, promoters, and concert goers share stories from the 1950s through 1990s about: Where it all began: the Cleveland Arena, site of the first-ever rock concert, anywhere; The hugely influential Agora, where Springsteen and so many other acts burst onto the scene; The Coliseum at Richfield, erected in the middle of nowhere just in time for the arrival of arena rock; and monster concerts at Cleveland Municipal Stadium including the epic, multi-year World Series of Rock.
This week we revealed the Vanity Fair actor will strip off in the very first episode for a sweaty scything scene.
This week it was revealed the Vanity Fair actor will strip off in the very first episode for a sweaty scything scene.
Take the heat off the equation and let your sweaty feet be the least of your worries as you conquer the concrete jungle with Adidas PureBOOST GO's two new seasonal colorways unveiled just last month.