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Synonyms for sweatsuit

garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt

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The rapper released a diss track last month called 'The Story of Adidon', in which he accused his rival of "hiding a child", and later explained he'd taken aim at the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker over claims Drake was only planning to confirm his son's existence once he started "selling sweatsuits and sneakers" in his collaboration with Adidas.
Then you're going racing in the sweatsuit with the heating on the car to go in the sauna, it's just not fun.
She dressed up the Donnell McFadden Brooks-customised pair with a slouchy cool laced-up fleece Fenty x Puma sweatsuit from her sold-out collection.
After the judge's sentence that day 12 years ago, an officer handcuffed her and drove her to a hulking concrete detention center where she had to undress and put on her uniform: underwear, a sweatsuit, and socks.
He spent several anxious moments on the turf before walking gingerly to the locker room, returning for the second half in a sweatsuit.
I finished my routine of a scent-free shower, deodorant, etc., and then dressed in my scent-free sweatsuit and drove to my hunting location three miles from my home.
Wearing a green University of Miami sweatsuit, he arrived at Steinbrenner Field on Monday morning for his physical, three days before the first workout for Yankees' position players.
CHANCES are that, like us, you had a bit of a feast over Christmas and about the only thing you feel comfortable in is your slouchy sweatsuit.
Unlike my Chelsea captain Peter Sillett, who used to come in the first day back and to our amusement had to wear a plastic sweatsuit to get rid of the halfstone he had put on.
His main solution came in the form of the sweatsuit. "It's very traditional," he says of the sweatsuit concept, "but with our new technology and structure, it just feels fresh again.
Marjorie Kress answered the bell wearing a pink sweatsuit over a fitted white t-shirt.
After a wonderful dinner and a restful sleep in the recently renovated guest room, we slouched downstairs in rumpled T-shirts to enjoy a great breakfast cooked by Norris in her sweatsuit. At the time, she must have weighed a good 150 pounds.
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the Jackass boys return with more stomach-churning/ life-threatening stunts ranging from the Sweatsuit Cocktail, the Lamborghini Tooth Pull and a predictably short-lived game of Beehive Tetherball.
As always, the onscreen puking is plentiful and cathartic; seeing people vomit after a sequence as stomach-churning as "Sweatsuit Cocktail" somehow has a palate-cleansing effect.