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cotton knit pullover with long sleeves worn during athletic activity

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Her sweatshirt was roomy enough to conceal her stomach, which some speculated was done on purpose to conceal a baby bump.
The Tokyo show featured a few sweatshirts with gothic lettering, which DeWitt first encountered at Southern California swap meets in the '80s, when people made them as memorials to loved ones lost.
Just Sweatshirt has unveiled its new 2016 Autumn-Winter collection of sweatshirts for men and women at its online store.
WE'VE done the search so you don't have to - here's how much a school uniform costs in other retailers: LIDL - Sweatshirt PS1.
Parents can pick up a pack of two polo shirts, a sweatshirt and trousers or a skirt and still have change out of PS4.
But he admits that he will soon run out of people to sell to if it's only 30--year sweatshirts they are interested in.
Create a casual hooded sweatshirt to keep you warm in style.
Scrolling down through the report reveals that the company decided to pull the sweatshirts after learning of just one instance of a zipper pull detaching.
After a 12-year career as a fashion journalist, Samecka launched her own clothing line in 2011 called Risk: Made in Warsaw, which features clothingfrom T-shirts to ball gownsmade of sweatshirt material, retailing at some steep prices (598 zloty, or $200 for a men's sweatshirt).
So it seems only fitting that Kamali has returned to the marketplace with a full-on sweats collection encompassing not just a curve-skimming crew neck, but also leather-paneled sweatshirts, flared skirts, minuscule shorts and a tank top paired with a long trumpet skirt.
Kellogg Community College (Mich) is accepting gently worn hooded or crewneck sweatshirts at the Bruin Bookstore this month as part of a "Hoodies for the Homeless" donation campaign for those in need.
The four piece collection of stylish sweatshirts consists of three women's and one men's style, with all four featuring original, iconic prints associated with the brand.
Their identities were obscured by Volcom brand hooded sweatshirts that zip to the top of the head, creating a mask.
New York, Jan 20 (ANI): Two NYU grad students have created high-tech sweatshirts that change colour when exposed to pollution.