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Synonyms for sweaty



Synonyms for sweaty

producing or covered with sweat

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I'm not sure how you'd officially measure sweatiness - in fluid ounces, perhaps - but there'll be as much perspiration as inspiration from tonight's arrow-slingers.
Do you have bodily reactions (such as fast heartbeat, stomach churning, sweatiness, dizziness) when reminded of the event?
As your sweatiness increases, the music seeps deeper into your pores and puts you in a dancing frenzy.
Vegetative disturbances were manifested by headaches, coldness in the extremities, and sweatiness.
It sticks to the wetness and sweatiness of a fingerprint.
Reactions vary from victim to victim, but intense throbbing, radiating pain near the sting, tingling sensations, sweatiness, and blistering are common symptoms.
but here the chocolate is Phil's drunken sweatiness.
For example, impotence is now widely known as erectile dysfunction; excessive sweatiness is also known as hyperhidrosis.
Nurses in pre-term intensive care units check whether their charges are in pain by measuring their heart rate and the sweatiness of their palms--and whether or not they show pain on their faces.
But the intensity of Khcheich's interpretation and improvisations - and the lyrics themselves, which mix motifs of obsession and war - play off the sonic range of Lijbaart's percussion to evoke a primal sweatiness that is a remarkable departure from the rhythmic sweetness characterizing much of the rest of the record.
An advanced micro-honeycomb material in the ear cushions also reduces uncomfortable heat and sweatiness by allowing the cushions to breathe.