sweat equity

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interest in a building that a tenant earns by contributing to its renovation or maintenance

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Sweat equity, if any, would only have kicked in at a much later stage after the unincorporated joint venture that won the franchise converted itself into a company and actually ran the team, and would only have had any value if and when the team made any profit and/ or was sold for a profit.
Tharoor is reportedly in trouble after IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi tweeted to reveal that Sunanda Pushkar, a close associate of Tharoor, had been gifted sweat equity worth Rs 70 crores in the new Kochi team, which was sold for Rs 1530 crores last month.
The sweat equity gives them a stronger sense of commitment to the project, Griffin said.
Eleven more families will be moving into their sweat equity homes by Thanksgiving, and another six by Christmas, she says.
Terry White, licensed contractor and owner of Earth Wise Builders, offers a DIY home remodeling mentoring service to make home improvement projects affordable and possible for anyone willing to put sweat equity into their home.
Sweat equity is sometimes also used in rental properties where your free work can result in lower rents or enhanced facilities in your home.
New York's sweat equity was more than double the amount than second-place Los Angeles (608,664 gallons of sweat per hour).
Mohanan writes that "the initiatives of the Indian government in formulating policies regarding sweat equity, stock options and tax breaks for venture capital along with overseas listings have all contributed to the enthusiasm among investors and entrepreneurs.
In Polish, sweat equity translates into praca organiczna.
Take, for example, his genuine sweat equity when a January storm dumped a foot of snow on the Motown Winter Blast outdoor festival, which will be repeated during Super Bowl week.
The crystal skull turns out to be quite talkative, and free with his advice about recipes, which is a darn good thing for Jeanne, who has no personal cooking history and finds herself trying to "buy back" the scepter through sweat equity as a chef in a rural restaurant.
Teletrofono, 2004 (the title of which refers to a failed attempt to patent the telephone by Garibaldi's housemate and compatriot Antonio Meucci), is the pencil drawing James used to plan the baroque system of folds made around a single, uninterrupted cut that would eventually become Sweat Equity (whose title leads us back to the article about the housing market), 2004, a paper sculpture of the Garibaldi memorial.
As we discussed what we might do, this "Preview" column seemed a natural place for shedding more light on the people whose ideas and sweat equity help make this magazine go.
We've maintained our expenses and we just did it very conservatively and invested back in," says Charbonneau, by using sweat equity and 100-hour workweeks to generate the cash to buy testing equipment.