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Synonyms for swearword

a profane or obscene term

Synonyms for swearword

profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger

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Watchdogs have decided it is not a swearword after probing complaints about its use on a poster for cider.
Other complaints were upheld against ITV1's screening of the Brits,for including the use of a swearword, uttered by 50 Cent,in the subtitles, and ITV1's dating show Love on a Saturday Night,for broadcasting swearwords used by a contestant.
He swore a lot and he used his mobile phone to text his mate a swearword.
And that swearword rate of one almost every three minutes was all but matched at Chelsea.
OFFENSIVE The swearword reg plate DRIVEN Alan with registration on Range Rover
He was also seen by thousands of football fans - young and old - carrying a Welsh flag bearing a swearword insulting the city.
We could have a laugh in training, the odd swearword was allowed.
I don't understand how one England player gets a two-game ban for a stray swearword in the heat of the moment when another shoots a work experience kid with an air gun and doesn't get charged.
VIRGIN RADIO was today fined pounds 75,000 after allowing a nine-year-old to play in a live late-night competition called Swearword Hangman.
I tried to explain but was told haughtily: ``That's just a waste of an X'' and although I didn't change my choice I must admit to mouthing the odd Anglo-Saxon swearword under my breath when the results were announced the following Saturday.
Unlike their support band The Business, not a snarl a spit or a swearword in anger.
Before I'm accused of hypocrisy, I'm all in favour of a well-applied swearword.
VIRGIN Radio were fined pounds 75,000 yesterday after letting a nine-year-old play in a live late-night competition called Swearword Hangman.
A carefully-chosen swearword can sometimes serve to release the tensions that failing technology create.
After comedian Lee Evans used a swearword, Ross warned: "Easy, this is a brave new age.