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Synonyms for sway

move from side to side


hold sway


Synonyms for sway

to move rhythmically back and forth suspended or as if suspended from above

to move back and forth or from side to side, as if about to fall

to have an impact on in a certain way

to exercise the authority of a sovereign

the power to produce an effect by indirect means

the act of exercising controlling power or the condition of being so controlled

Synonyms for sway

controlling influence

Related Words

pitching dangerously to one side

move back and forth or sideways

move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner

win approval or support for

cause to move back and forth


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That "The sway of language and its furtherings / Swept and swayed in us like nets in water" conveys, on the one hand, an impression of Northern Ireland trawled by the nets of empire--in this reading "furtherings" are extensions of cultural infiltration--and, on the other, an impression of people simply swaying back and forth, bending as much to their own inclinations as in accommodation of alien influences: water cannot be held by any net.
An estimated 50,000 visited the bridge yesterday, compared with 100,000 on Saturday when it opened for the first time and had to be closed for 10 minutes after it swayed as thousands of visitors flocked to cross it.
But the jury seemed swayed less by race than by the argument that police work is risky, that the police stand as the "thin blue line" between law-abiding citizens and criminals, that King's behavior was frightening.
Wall Street has swayed into the bullish camp on KSS, as suggested by the latest Zacks (www.
Investigators found up to 8,000 were on the suspension bridge at the time, including many from the countryside who did not realise it swayed with a huge crowd on it.
The 'Transformers' star has said that screenwriter Dablo Cody's shoes swayed her to do the movie.
The people of California are easily swayed by propaganda.
Participants swayed less when tactors delivered their subtle, erratic drumming to nerves, the researchers report in the Oct.
The 320-metre long structure across the Thames in central London swayed alarmingly under the weight of thousands of people at its official opening on Saturday.
in 1986 to pursue a career in engineering but was swayed by the beauty of Napa Valley to redirect his attention to winemaking.
Madison, a corporate litigation attorney, will not be swayed by all the pressure, according to a business partner.