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Synonyms for swastika

crooked cross


  • crooked cross
  • fylfot

Synonyms for swastika

the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich

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But lawyer Ulrich Amelung claimed: "The portrayal of Schweinsteiger wearing a swastika uniform is a clear case of defamation.
In the name of the Raelian Movement, we support your right to display a swastika without being punished for it.
The swastika sign imposed in the grass at Split's Poljud stadium through a chemical agent days before the kickoff became visible during the match.
Punishing a student for displaying an Indian svastika because it could be mistaken for a Nazi swastika makes as much sense as expelling one for displaying a six-pointed Jewish star because it could be mistaken for a five-pointed pentagram, or for using in a flyer the word "niggardly" because it could be mistaken for a racial slur, says Banzhaf, echoing the comments from many other news sites, including The Daily Caller.
The idea is that if waves arrive from all directions, more waves hit the outer sides of the swastika's arms, then hit the sheltered inner-facing sides of the arms, producing a torque that rotates the swastika about its axis.
The swastika was adopted by Hitler's Nazi Party in the 1930s and is now associated with racism and intolerance.
The swastikas were sprayed onto two Care Society properties in Cambrian Street and Chalybeate Street.
After security officials caught Swastika shoplifting at Mythology Boutique, the owner of the store, Aspara Oswal, made a complaint against the actress with organisers of the Darpan Film Festival.
More than 50 geoglyphs with various shapes and sizes, including a massive swastika, have been discovered across northern Kazakhstan, say archaeologists.
In 2007, the company withdrew a handbag featuring a green embroidered swastika inside a red sun.
I fail to see swastika as anything but a hateful symbol," he said.
15 ( ANI ): More than 120 tattoo parlours around the world have reportedly offered free Swastika tattoos as part of a movement to reclaim the Nazi symbol as originally a symbol of peace.
A CONTROVERSIAL campaign to provide Swastika tattoos for free has provoked a storm of outrage.
A CAMPAIGN to offer free swastika tattoos has provoked a storm ahead of Remembrance Day.