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crooked cross


  • crooked cross
  • fylfot

Synonyms for swastika

the official emblem of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich

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Neighbors said the display of hate in a Lorton, Virginia community was as large as it was shocking: a swastika roughly 40-feet across mowed into the grass of a community field.
A MAN has been arrested following an investigation into images of swastikas and "Sharia" law being displayed on a billboard in Cardiff's main shopping street.
| Swastika symbols painted along the London Road, near to the cemetery where many Coventry Blitz victims are buried
A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: "We are aware of images circulating on social media of a flag with a swastika on it being displayed in Neath.
YOBS ALSO WRITE HOMOPHOBIC GRAFFITI ON STATUE ...JUST DAYS AFTER SIMILAR ATTACK IN NEARBY TOWN VW VANDALS have daubed a First World War memorial with swastikas and homophobic graffiti.
The lawsuit claims Schilling placed the swastika flags on his property "with the specific intent of striking hate and fear of violence to those who view it."
Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime, who used the Swastika emblem.
In 2017, the headmaster of Greenwich Country Day School found two swastikas in a hallway and in a school lounge.
5), an American photographer identified by the first name "Nathan," happened upon a betel nut shop prominently displaying two large banners with the Nazi swastikas emblazoned on them.
peterpervis If you cannot tell the difference between graffiti of a swastika and a slogan against Donald Trump, then I have to wonder where your ethics and morality start and begin.
Users shared screenshots for hotels in London that had the swastika symbol as its icon.
A red swastika was painted on a mural at Duke University created in memory of the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue attack in Pittsburgh.
A 14-year-old boy has been charged with sending a swastika image to the smartphones of other students during a suburban Chicago high school assembly.
Earlier this month, at least 14 male students at Arlington high school in Boston, Massachusetts, were accused of spraying a swastika and anti-gay slurs on the school building, using the spray from fire extinguishers.