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surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots

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As I walked slowly down the imperceptible slope toward the sea I could not help but note the park-like appearance of the sward and trees.
As I watched them from behind the stem of a huge tree, one of the creatures moved slowly in my direction, engaged in the occupation that seemed to be the principal business of each of them, and which consisted in running their oddly shaped hands over the surface of the sward, for what purpose I could not determine.
There were now but one warrior and two females left, and it seemed that it could be but a matter of seconds ere these, also, lay dead upon the scarlet sward.
In answer to her call a dozen guardsmen came racing across the scarlet sward, their gleaming long-swords naked in the sun, the metal of their accoutrements clanking against that of their leathern harness, and in their throats hoarse shouts of rage at the sight which met their eyes.
Bristling and growling, he dropped to the sward just as the king ape charged.
And all the time three little bundles lay discreetly on the sward, proclaiming:
At my back was the forest, pruned and trimmed like the sward to parklike symmetry by the browsing of the ghoulish plant men.
Mombaca' swards and suggested that the use of the critical leaf area index (LAI) concept (LAI in which the sward intercepts around 95% of the incident light) could be used for grazing management purposes in tropical climate grasses.
The wet summer of 2012 left a legacy of compacted soils, open swards and diminished ryegrass but Farming Connect shared a series of improvement strategies with farmers during an open day at the farm.
After the wet summer of 2012 left a legacy of compacted soils, open swards and diminished ryegrass in fields, Great House Farm - a Farming Connect demonstration farm at Llansoy, Usk, in Monmouthshire - has drafted in thousands of the beetles to tackle the problem.
Species richness and functional group composition may modify reactions of swards to drought and affect the nutritive value.
Defoliation frequency is positively related to the stocking density in swards managed under continuous stocking (LEMAIRE et al.
These include hedgerow restoration (previously only available as part of UELS) and options to create herb-rich swards and add wild flowers to buffer strips and field corners.
It is believed the cars were scratched between Swards Road and Burn Crescent, between midnight and 8am on September 7 and the same times on September 8.
Stephen Martindale (5-73) and Luke Swards (3-46) checked their progress.