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surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots

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Cattle have a more varied diet, eating seed heads and flowers rather than just young grass, and consuming different plant species that the long recovery period introduces to swards.
Canopy height was determined using a sward stick (BARTHRAM, 1985) by using 50 readings per paddock along 5 transect lines (10 points per transect) in a zigzag pattern.
After the wet summer of 2012 left a legacy of compacted soils, open swards and diminished ryegrass in fields, Great House Farm - a Farming Connect demonstration farm at Llansoy, Usk, in Monmouthshire - has drafted in thousands of the beetles to tackle the problem.
We used coefficients of variation (CV) for every sward in control as well as in the drought treatments to assess the variability of nutritive value over the growing season.
It should also be considered that, in the same sward under continuous stocking with relatively constant average height, the selective behavior of ruminants results in differences in the defoliation patterns of its tillers in the horizontal plane of the sward.
Poor ground conditions and extensive poaching caused by livestock trampling or tractor traffic last summer all led to patchy open swards, which is an open invitation for docks, thistles and nettles to establish this spring and summer.
Jewel Sward also wept Thursday as she described her reaction to the acquittal in a phone interview.
"I measure our success by the satisfaction of meeting challenges and by knowing that for every life and man we change, we are impacting children, collaterals and the receiving community, Sward said.
Al Tarabulsy was attacked by a female police officer after allegedly he tried to take away her gun.Witnesses say Al Tarabulsy, who is a mentally challenged man, was playing with a toy sward when the female soldier attacked him.Last week police officer attacked the old market venders and arrested some of them and made them pay fines or go to jail.
(NPH) has promoted Brian Sward to VP of due diligence.
Sward, 81, of Worcester, died Wednesday, July 23rd in the E.N.
Amidst delicate white lights, tall trees, white poinsettias, window candles, and winter's greenery, the First Baptist Church in Moss Point provided a beautiful setting for family and friends to witness the Ceremony of Holy Matrimony of Lyla Brooke James and Justin Eugene Sward.
Damping techniques include the Sward Rocker (ASTM D 2134), the Persoz Pendulum (ISO 1522), and the Konig Pendulum (ISO 1522).
It's a perfectly balanced lawn feed which promises a thicker sward and healthy roots.
If Lampard had been ruled out by his wrist injury, why did England doctor Leif Sward tell a reporter from Sky Television he was fit minutes before Wednesday night's game?