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a dive in which the diver arches the back with arms outstretched before entering the water


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After a brief delusion, where he thinks he gets locked out of the theater and indifferent security guards refuse to let him in, Axler takes the stage, mumbles a few lines, and promptly swan dives into the orchestra.
The firm used to do this before 2009, but this time it is being interpreted as a fancy accounting maneuver to defer expenses to 2013, in order to reduce taxes in the event that this country swan dives off the fiscal cliff into the murky tax-infested waters below.
Performing works including the above three, Diavolo's uberathletic dancers (all from the U.S.) seem to have trust embedded in their DNA: The flying, whirling performers rely on one another to partner, catch (death-defying swan dives are common), and occasionally slink about in clown mode.
mimics the heart stutters says sad sad so sad the body swan dives
We expect to see players continue to try and perfect their swan dives (even when they know half the nation, if not half the referees, know their gamesmanship - cheating - inside out) and we expect to see players continually feigning serious injury, just because they want to waste some time or, perhaps, because they've just lost out in a fair tackle which led to a goal for the opposition.
swan dives. Very little looking at skies, especially with clouds in
"They were going off high platforms in swan dives and hitting the water, getting water in their sinuses and sinking to the bottom," Williams remembers about the filming of 1949's Neptune's Daughter.