swan dive

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a dive in which the diver arches the back with arms outstretched before entering the water


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"Aside from the photo (of the swan dive) I have had to watch videos of the things I did wrong in the match and which I need to improve, because there is still much of this tournament to play," the Racing 92 player said.
Surrey: Argentina fullback Juan Imhoff has promised not to repeat his spectacular World Cup swan dive try against Ireland that has made him a social network sensation.
Unfortunately neither Lola, whose position wasn't quite enough to secure a place on the tour or Cheryl, who did a rather impressive swan dive at the arena back in 2012, were on stage but fortunately for the slightly more subdued than expected audience, there were others intent on making an impression.
That club did the swan dive down the divisions long before the likes of Nottingham Forest and Leeds made a spell among the muck and nettles of the third tier fashionable.
Scotland were already one try down following Liam Williams' swan dive in the corner when Hogg became just the third man ever - and first since Scott Murray in 2006 - to be sent off while wearing Dark Blue.
He gained plaudits for his bravery in attempting a swan dive, which he claims has now been renamed 'The Omid'.
Ewen, on the other hand, inspired by the Olympics and Tom Daley in trunks, opted to make a splash by learning how to swan dive from the top platform at the Edinburgh Commonwealth Pool.
In 2012, these were the YouTube videos America couldn't get enough of: Felix Baumgartner doing a 834mph swan dive from outer space, Charlie biting his brother's finger, President Obama singing and former Massachusetts Gov.
Cole famously asked Daley to teach her how to swan dive in a tweet last August.
Otherwise, the Shadow may very well take a swan dive during flight.
Pietersen settled the series when he was put away by captain Jean de Villiers on the right side late on, and the wing celebrated South Africa's huge relief with a swan dive in the corner.
I decided to just go for it - you have to when your wife jumps first with an impressive swan dive.
CHRIS ASHTON'S famous swan dive and Graeme Swann celebrating victory in his first match as England cricket captain are the events punters are hoping to ruffle bookmakers' feathers with over the next 24 hours.
AUSTIN, Texas Acts hoping to make a splash at South by Southwest the marvelous, messy, metastasizing music festival celebrating its 25th year in Austin last week had two options: cannonball or swan dive.
Thus, Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh, effective), a grizzled hardass who has spent months in the Esa'ala Caves trying to find an elusive underground pipeline to the ocean, is described in passing as "the most respected explorer of our time." His younger, slicker fellow caver, Carl (Ioan Gruffudd), at one point takes a reckless swan dive off a cliff, spurring someone to point out, "Carl likes to play by his own rules." And so he does, especially when a flash flood seals off the cave exit and traps the two men underground with Frank's neglected pretty-boy son, Josh (Rhys Wakefield); Carl's pretty, and pretty useless, g.f., Victoria (Alice Parkinson); and the unpromisingly named Crazy George (Dan Wyllie).