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Synonyms for swampland

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

Synonyms for swampland

low land that is seasonally flooded


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One Henry Jones, who founded the American Hardware and Plumbing Company, saw the possibilities as early as 1901 and had then bought swamplands in Malate, filling it and subdividing it into small lots.
Fisher, the author of historical books, food articles, and a column for Missouri Life Magazine, traces the transformation of the Missouri lowlands from swampland to farmland in the first four decades of the 20th century, within the context of the geological forces of the area, the Native American inhabitants' use of its resources, and the settlement history of the area.
Florida's Everglades are a swampland full of wildlife!
However, at the same period (2000-2015), water, swampland, sandy land, and moderate grass were reduced at an annual rate of 4.87%, 3.74%, 2.51%, and 1.59%, respectively.
Miri longs for home (and Peder) but the king commands her to a faraway swampland province, to prepare three royal cousins for a possible marriage alliance with another kingdom.
Of course, land, even swampland, isn't cheap these days.
Sometimes people forget that this musical city that never sleeps is an island re-claimed from swampland and at any given point it is eight to ten feet below sea level protected from the gulf by its massive levies.
It was particularly attractive to the wealthy, especially when, in 1854, 28 acres of swampland were purchased by the city for $11,257 from Levi Lincoln and John Hammond, two prominent citizens, and set aside for what would eventually become Elm Park.
It is known as the Darien gap because it is the only break in the 10,000 mile Pan American highway and is a virtually unexplored region of tropical rainforest and swampland separating Panama and Colombia.
The Yazoo River, strategically important during the Civil War because it bounded Vicksburg, Mississippi, was difficult for the North to capture due to its swampland terrain.
In the case of the strain collected in a swampland habitat, the mean individual growth followed a logistic curve (Figures 6 and 7), in which the exponential growth phase was logarithmic and continued up to about day 20, when the rate slowed as the dimensions approached their asymptotic values.
Glades Day School sits on the edge of swampland in Belle Glade, Florida.
Pembroke Pines uses stimulus funds for sidewalk that ends at vacant swampland [Sun Sentinel]
At TIME's SWAMPLAND blog, MICHAEL SCHERER calls ADAM SERWER'S report on Guantanamo detainee Mohammed Jawad and preventive-detention policy "an excellent explanation of the issue and the steady drift of President Obama's position of detaining terrorist suspects without trial." Scherer continues, "At its most basic level, the idea behind 'preventive detention' is that there are some bad guys out there--especially in wartime or in a time of terrorism--that should be imprisoned even if the government cannot prove in court that they have committed a crime....
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