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Synonyms for swain

a man who courts a woman

Synonyms for swain

a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman

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While addressing the media here, Swain said, "They have received a complaint regarding MCC violation after casting of the vote.
Swain, who earned his first start of the season at Stanford, has averaged 9.
As both horses were owned by Sheikh Mohammed I let him decide which one he wanted me on and he chose for me to ride Swain.
Many independent and chain pharmacies have put an increased push on the home health care category over recent years, says Swain.
In the next three to five years, Swain hopes to start Lean Six-Sigma training.
Swain posed as a high-flying property developer, promising a champagne lifestyle and making claims of deals with Dragons' Den entrepreneurs.
Mrs Swain recalled the moments when she was alerted to the unfolding tragedy last year.
Mrs Swain said Mills had tormented the family during his trial at Newport Crown Court by propping up his head with his fingers in the shape of a V-sign, revealing: "He was smiling, laughing and smirking in court.
Mrs Swain also spoke of the contempt she feels for Mills, 28, who sent a barrage of abusive texts to Kayleigh in the days before the blaze.
The promotional video for the university's skiing and snowboarding society was recorded in 2011 - months before Mr Swain was elected as student union president.
Mario Swain, a death row inmate described by prosecutors as "a fledgling serial killer," was executed by lethal injection in Texas on Thursday, (http://www.
The novel opens with Swain, a one-armed juggler, watching from the wings of a theater as Jonson and his boy dance atop wooden barrels.
com)-- Swain Techs is pleased to announce that it has signed a multi-million dollar BOA (Basic Ordering Agreement) with the United States Navy that will allow up to a $3.
Swain is also the first senior member of the federal public service to write about the dispute.
But with this age group, England Under-16 coach Kenny Swain has to name two 18-player squads because of school commitments.