swaddling bands

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a garment (a gown or narrow strips of cloth) for an infant

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The houses are cunningly set in an in breath of fecundity--witness those swaddling bands (he had two babies by then by his mistress Maria Moncke, first mentioned in The Memoirs in 1779).
When the Promise becomes alive in Mary's womb, the leaves turn to vibrant joyful green, and their top branches curve into the Christmas tree on which reigns the infant Savior wrapped in swaddling bands as foretold to the shepherds.
Then I began, "With those swaddling bands which death unfastens I am making my way upward, and I came through Hell and its agony.
Isabelle, stretched out upon the darkness, was fastening my feet with ribbons, unwinding the swaddling bands of my alarm.
Swathed in swaddling bands, there would be none of their infectiously cheerful hand-waving or feet-kicking.