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cleaning with a mop


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The earliest detection of EBOV RNA by oral swabbing was at 5 dpi in an animal infected with WT-EBOV-Mayinga.
As per the operator, currently the service rig is swabbing the well and will swab the completed depth of the horizontal well being 1517 meters from surface, comprising the need of nearly the 85-degree point in the horizontal well bore.
There are no standardized swab culturing techniques or interpretation of cultures collected by swabbing.
Each of the 106 study participants with suspected viral respiratory infection underwent flocked swabbing of one nostril and nasopharyngeal aspiration in the other.
Second, a sample of the patient's biofilm is taken by swabbing the lingual surface of the mandibular anterior teeth.
1) visitors to the Web site, which was advertised to Maryland women in flyers and radio advertisements, were offered free screening kits that included a sterile swab, instructions for swabbing the vagina, contact information, consent forms, a questionnaire and a postage-paid return mailer.
The use of integumental swabbing for collection of cells for determination of genetic relationships among freshwater mussels is noninvasive, when compared with tissue collection by mantle-clipping.
Try clipping off all but about 1/2 inch of the bristles on an acid swabbing brush, NSN 7920-00-514-2417.
Haynes: There has been some talk about the difference between obtaining a culture sample from a tube or perforation and obtaining it by swabbing the ear canal.
In this study, the amount of DNA recovered and the resulting DNA profile from the pillbox scrapings from an item of clothing to that obtained by swabbing the garment were compared.