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cleaning with a mop


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Rectal swabbing is a relatively simple means to collect fecal sample among patients hospitalized or at home.
The earliest detection of EBOV RNA by oral swabbing was at 5 dpi in an animal infected with WT-EBOV-Mayinga.
Campaigners called the swabbing levels "excessive" and questioned whether the practice was a good use of police funds.
Dr Helen Wallace, director of Gene-Watch UK, which calls for the public to have a greater say in DNA profiling, said in light of legal changes requiring the genetic fingerprints of innocent people to be destroyed there was no need for such wide use of swabbing.
There are no standardized swab culturing techniques or interpretation of cultures collected by swabbing. To understand the pathology of wound infections and the role of cultures, microbiologists should familiarize themselves by consulting the various journals of the wound, ostomy, continence nurse (WOCN) such as the Journal of WOCN.
Each of the 106 study participants with suspected viral respiratory infection underwent flocked swabbing of one nostril and nasopharyngeal aspiration in the other.
Ian Jelley, Wart vice-chairman, said: "Frog swabbing could provide a focal activity for our volunteers and, hopefully, participants will enjoy contributing to an important national project with an international context."
A World Health Organisation (WHO) bulletin published in 2003 states that swabbing clean skin prior to giving an injection is unnecessary.
(1) visitors to the Web site, which was advertised to Maryland women in flyers and radio advertisements, were offered free screening kits that included a sterile swab, instructions for swabbing the vagina, contact information, consent forms, a questionnaire and a postage-paid return mailer.
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